Have you been feeling as though your family needs more square footage to better suit your growing needs? If you have been trying to decide whether to buy a larger house or expand your current home, now is a great time to look into room additions. Once you’ve established that there is enough space for an expansion on your property and that local zoning regulations allow it, the next thing to do is to think about why you need that extra space: spare bedroom, larger kitchen, home office, more common space, etc.

Let The Sun Shine In

Personally, there is nothing I like better than sitting outside enjoying my coffee on a sunny summer morning, but in Indianapolis, that’s not a year-round option. Building a four-season sunroom to enjoy the sun and views of my yard would certainly be the next best option.

Endless Options

Aside from giving you a sunny sitting space where your indoor plants can thrive, a sunroom is a very multi-purpose bonus room: you can use it for just about anything, depending on how you decide to set it up. Think about it… It’s a perfect spot to use as a sitting space or reading area, but you could also set it up as a breakfast nook or even as a formal dining room. And what child wouldn’t love to have their playroom set up in the sunniest room in the house? I think I’d be inclined to use my sunroom as a home office and quiet space.

The possibilities are endless when building a room addition! This is the perfect time to customize your home and create the space that you feel you’re missing.

If a sunroom or other room addition is in your future, the home improvement professionals here at Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. would be happy to work with you to build the bonus room of your dreams. Call us at (317) 848-7634 to schedule an estimate.

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