Warm weather is just around the corner, and everyone is gearing up for parties at home including backyard cookouts, graduation parties, and family reunions. When budgeting for your summer entertaining, don’t forget about energy costs. At Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. we specialize in home renovations including window repairs, insulation, and home improvement projects for energy efficiency. Keep the hot air out and the cold air in this summer with warm weather energy-saving tips from the pros!

Beat the Heat this Summer with Energy Efficient Tips Like Grilling Outdoors

Beat the Heat with Energy-Saving Tips Keeping You Cool

Thrifty Thermostat

The first order of business is to have properly functioning equipment. It’s a great idea to have seasonal inspections of your appliances to make sure they’re operating at full capacity. During the spring, schedule your A/C tuneup. Set your thermostat at higher temperatures while you’re away and lower temperatures when you’re home. Position the thermostat away from heat-generating appliances that can skew the air temperature around the thermostat sensors.

Improvement Innovator

Our home-improvement experts have a keen eye for inefficiencies. We’ll inspect your home’s siding, windows, doors, and roof to identify any leaks and seal cracking that can let cold air escape and hot air enter your home. The cost of repairing these deficiencies will save you money in the long run with high energy bills. While we’re there, we can install energy-efficiency additions including ceiling fans to keep the air flowing to cool your home’s occupants.

Heat Hero

Be mindful of the heat generated by your appliances and daily activities. Turning down the hot water heater settings to warm, or 120℉, helps to decrease energy consumption while still enjoying a hot shower. Consider your cooking methods, opting for those that generate less heat in your kitchen. Switch to the microwave and outdoor grill rather than the oven and cooktop that can produce a lot of additional heat in the summertime.

We are prepared for any home improvement task, no matter how large, to help you stay cool this summer. Going big with new construction and remodeling? Let our contractors help from start to finish by installing new, energy-efficient appliances in your newly finished home addition. Contact Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. at (317) 848-7634 to get started on your next home improvement project today!


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