In addition to holiday cheer, winter is a season with snow, sleet, and ice. Weather fluctuations wreak havoc on homes with the potential for freezing pipes, damaged roofs, and interior flooding. Preparing for the threat of winter water damage helps to curb expensive repairs and remodeling. Some winter storms are so powerful that it makes it impossible to prevent storm damage. Consult the interior, exterior, and damage restoration experts at Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. when mother nature brings threatening weather this season.

Water Damage from Winter Weather Fluctuations

Winter Storm Damage from Freezing PipesFreezing Pipes

In freezing outdoor temperatures, exposed pipes are particularly vulnerable. Frozen and bursting pipes can flood your home’s interior causing plumbing, interior, and exterior damage. Help prevent pipes from freezing in very cold weather by maintaining an indoor temperature above 55 degrees and allow cold water to drip from the faucet on exposed plumbing.

Exterior Vulnerability

Gutters, windows, roofing, and siding are all exterior materials that are vulnerable during winter weather. Damaged and broken exterior features can result in indoor flooding and damage this winter. Inspect the integrity and function of each area so you have peace of mind as the temperatures drop.


Clear, functioning gutters remove excess water from the roof and divert it away from the home and foundation. Make sure your gutters and roofing are prepared for heavy winter precipitation by cleaning them now.

Windows & Doors

Inspect windows and doors for cracks, leaks, and draftiness as this may be an access point for water.


Check that siding is intact so it repels water and protects interior surfaces from the outdoor elements.

Heavy Precipitation

When heavy amounts of precipitation and power outages occur, plumbing and safety features are stretched to capacity. Water damage can occur from failed plumbing or sump pumps. Prepare for winter storms with a backup sump pump or a generator to make sure these systems stay working while the power is out.

Take water damage seriously by acting promptly. Contact Centennial Construction at (317) 848-7634 to restore your home to its original condition after disaster strikes.

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