Your friends here at Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. would like to share with you some common home renovation tips based on errors that we’ve seen in our many years of business. By sharing this list and by offering a wide variety of professional home remodeling services to our Indianapolis and area customers, we hope to make your next home improvement project go smoothly and effortlessly. Call us at (317) 848-7634 today for an estimate on our professional services..

Top 5 Tips To By-Pass Common Home Renovation Mistakes

Set a budget and stick to it! You wouldn’t believe how often owners start home remodeling without thinking about their budget. Before you spend your entire bathroom renovation budget on high end tile work, be sure there are no hidden problems when the walls, ceiling or floor are opened up. Having a contingency fund set aside for emergencies is always a good idea too.

Do only the DIY work you’re qualified to do. With the popularity of HGTV and DIY projects, many people want to take on remodeling projects themselves because they think it will be cheaper and easy to do. Not so, for most folks, who often end up taking on more than they can handle. We suggest hiring a general contractor for a home remodeling project of major scope and limiting the DIY efforts to tasks that are familiar to you.

Be realistic about timelines and chaos. Renovations often take longer than we might like and having tradespeople coming and going can cause a certain amount of commotion. For example, being without a functional kitchen during kitchen remodeling can be especially trying if you aren’t given realistic and accurate timelines ahead of time.

Hire the right contractor. Work with a general contractor who is knowledgeable, professional and really listens to you. You’ll want to find someone who offers estimates, respects budgets and is known for working in a timely manner.

Enjoy the experience! While it can be daunting to take on home remodeling, it can also be fun and gives you the opportunity to be creative in your home. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can make the experience all the more enjoyable.

While there are many mistakes that we see time and time again during home improvements, we also see all of the positive results when people do their homework first and follow these tips for avoiding the potential stresses that come with remodeling projects.

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