A small bathroom doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic. With proper design and smart décor, a smaller bathroom can seem just as open and spacious as the luxurious dream bathrooms in home improvement magazines and blogs. This is the final installment in a 3-part series about maximizing the space in your small bathroom with a Carmel bathroom remodeling project.

Replace: The appliances and fixtures may be contributing to the cramped feel of your small bathroom. During your bathroom remodeling project in Carmel, try to find suitable replacements for any oversized fixtures that won’t fit with your bathroom’s new open layout.

Installing a stand-up shower, streamlined shelving, or a pedestal sink during your Carmel bathroom remodeling can all create a sleeker aesthetic. Be careful with the pedestal sink, though. Smaller pedestal sinks don’t offer much storage, so before replacing your old sink with one, be sure that you’ll still have enough storage for toiletries and the like.

Refinish: Sometimes just the look of your bathtub or sink can make the bathroom appear to shrink. If your tub and sink are old, dingy, and dark, why not refinish them for a fresh start? With a new finish, you’ll be able to keep the fixtures in your Indianapolis bathroom spotless from the start.

Colors: As with refinishing tubs and sinks, the colors used in your bathroom’s décor play a key role in how spacious (or tiny) the room feels. If you use brighter colors in your bathroom’s decorations and paint, the space will appear more open. Conversely, dark, rich colors will shrink a bathroom even further.

For the Indianapolis homeowner, remodeling your small bathroom can be a daunting process. With Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, though, your next Carmel bathroom remodeling project doesn’t have to be an unnecessarily stressful experience. Contact us today at 317-848-7634, and our seasoned professionals will be more than happy to put their skilled hands to work for you.

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