Just because your home has a small bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be drab. There are plenty of things you can do with a bathroom remodel to make your bathroom look and feel bigger. A small bathroom can be just as luxurious as the opulent restrooms we see in home improvement magazines; you just have to take the right steps. This is part 1 in a 3-part series about maximizing space in your small bathroom.

Here are just a few tips for how to make the most out of a bathroom that may seem too miniscule.

Redesign: As you’re already involved in the bathroom remodeling process, now is the time to thoroughly examine the layout of your bathroom and decide if there’s anything that could or should be moved to a different location to save space. If your bathtub takes up too much bathroom real estate, why not consider replacing it with a stand-up shower?

Make it Bigger: Maybe there’s a wall that could be either pushed back or removed during your bathroom remodel. This could maximize any existing space and open up extra room. You could use the extra room to keep that tub that was occupying too much space, or add a stand-up shower/bathtub combo. If you don’t have a wall to push back or knock down – don’t fret – there’s still plenty you can do.

Lighting: Lighting plays a major role in determining the feel of any given room. In a smaller room, this is especially important. Conventional wisdom says that the more light there is, the bigger a room will feel. Natural light is king, so be sure to allow as much natural light into the bathroom as possible. This might involve a new window installation, but it will be very much worth it when you see the effect that a swath of natural light can have on a small bathroom.

Performing a bathroom remodel for a small bathroom can be an overwhelming process for the homeowner. When you want to avoid being stressed and overwhelmed on your next home improvement project contact the professionals of www.centennialconstructionremodeling.com at 317-848-7634. Our seasoned experts will be more than happy to help turn your tiny nightmare bathroom into your dream spa.

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