Take a look around the master bedroom in your home. Does it feel like nothing special? If so, then why not transform your master bedroom into a new master suite? A master suite provides couples with an all-purpose space in a peaceful, separate area of the home. With the right planning and features, a master suite can become a “home within a home” for you and your spouse.

Designers are finding that the current trend is to include everything in this room, making it a mini-home of sorts. Take a look around your house, and see what amenities you’d like to include in your new master suite to increase its functionality. Here are some options below:

  • Flat screen TV: Having your own TV frees up the TV in the family room for the kids to watch. If you don’t want the TV to be an eyesore within your master suite, you can look for creative ways to incorporate a flat screen TV into the design of a room.
  • Washer and dryer: Some master bedroom suites are being fitted with a washer and dryer, especially in walk-in closets. This is especially convenient since you don’t have to carry your clothes back and forth from the laundry room to your master suite.
  • Coffee maker: Instead of shuffling to the kitchen to start brewing your morning cup of coffee, it’s just a step away when you hop out of bed.
  • Drawer-style refrigerator and freezer: This may seem like an odd inclusion, but having some snacks stowed away just for you and your spouse can help ensure that your hungry teen and his hungrier friends won’t wipe out your favorite foods in one sitting.
  • Fireplace: A private fireplace in the master suite certainly lends a cozy, romantic feel to the bedroom.

Including these amenities would improve the functionality and comfort level of your master bedroom. Of course, custom master bathrooms and large walk-in closets also add luxury and usefulness to any master suite.

Wondering where you’re going to get the space for all this? You actually have several options. One possibility is to remove a wall and combine the space of a neighboring room to make your suite. If you have a large, unused attic space, you could hire a general contractor to convert it into your new master suite. Or there’s always the option of a home addition.

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