January is not only the time for resolutions and fresh starts, it is also a great time of year to set goals and challenges for ourselves. For many people, the challenge is to become more organized. Since the basement often ends up being used as the home’s dumping ground filled with old furniture, unused workout equipment, and out-of-season clothes, we propose the “January Basement Organization Challenge”.

Take Stock, De-Clutter, and Organize

Here they are, five easy steps to help you organize your basement.

  1. Start with a quick once-over, removing larger items that will never be used again. This will leave you with more space to work in when you’re sorting out the rest.
  2. Once you start sorting, you can set up large boxes, bins or bags labelled: donate, recycle, garbage, and keep, in order to make things easy and straightforward. Things that are being kept can immediately go into the right spot or be placed with other like items (sports equipment, holiday decorations, music gear, etc.) until the right location has been determined.
  3. If you have a partially finished or unfinished basement, or maybe a basement that needs updating, call in a general contractor to have the space finished or have storage cabinetry built. Before any finishing takes place though, you’ll want to make sure that if there is any existing water damage it is taken care of and that your cozy new basement and its contents stay safe, dry, and free of mold.
  4. Install the appropriate storage units to fit your items: boxes, totes, pretty baskets, shelves, hooks, or custom built-in cabinetry.
  5. After the basement has been finished and the items you cherish have been kept, organized, and labelled, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the sense of accomplishment in your organized basement.

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