The Owners: Karen and Todd Keirns.

The Home: Karen and Todd Keirns purchased their two-story Fishers area home in 2002. Built as a spec home in their subdivision, they are the home’s only owners. While they love the home, they found the hardwood kitchen floor couldn’t withstand the day-to-day traffic of two large dogs. Replacing the floor and carpeting throughout the house spurred them to do a kitchen renovation.

What They Did: Working with Brent Ash of Centennial Construction and Remodeling Services, the couple took several cost-effective approaches to the renovation. Retaining the original cabinets was an easy choice. They were new enough that additional pieces could be found to match. Centennial was able to re-skin end pieces of the cabinets that had become damaged by sun streaming through the kitchen windows and door. Read Complete News Story

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