You’ve been dreaming about your perfect kitchen for months, maybe even years. You have your end goal all planned out — an aesthetically pleasing, functional, beautifully updated kitchen. You’ve hired a kitchen remodeling contractor from Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. But how do you actually manage during the weeks of the renovation project? Just making a pot of coffee in the morning can be tricky when you’ve lost all of your counter space. How do you feed your family? Here are a few tips that will help you plan out this part of your renovation project.

 How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Choose a Temporary Kitchen Space

Ideally, your temporary space should have a sink. You might find room in an extra bathroom, garage, or utility room. If there’s not enough counter space, try setting up a makeshift counter with some plywood atop something sturdy. You’ll want outlets for a coffee maker, microwave, slow cooker, and other favorite appliances.

Keep Out a Few Essentials, and Store the Rest

Only keep out the items you’ll need. Pack up the rest, and store them until your kitchen is complete. Now is probably the time to use paper plates! Keep kitchen utensils and tools in clear plastic tubs so it’ll be easier to see where things go.

Plan Ahead

During the weeks moving up to the remodel, clip coupons and online deals for local restaurants, because you’ll probably want a few evenings to escape! You can also freeze meals that can be reheated in the microwave or cooked in the slow cooker. If possible, have your remodel scheduled in the summer so you can make full use of your outdoor grill.

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The expert team at Centennial Construction & Remodeling understand the disruption that kitchen renovation work can add to your daily routine. We’ll do everything possible to get the job done quickly – and exactly how you want it. We’ll keep you updated on the progress, and you’ll get the chance to have input every step of the way. Want a free quote? Give us a call today at (317) 848-7634 or get in touch with us online

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