A basement doesn’t have to be the dark, scary portion of the house, reserved for storing the artificial Christmas tree and empty boxes. When you put your mind to it, you can do so much more to utilize the space underneath your house. One great way to transform a dank basement into a home’s crown jewel is to make the basement your new home theater.

When you schedule your basement remodel with Centennial Construction, you’ll have the opportunity to convert it into anything you want.

Because they’re underground and usually fairly disconnected from regular house functions, basements make the perfect home theater area. You’ll be able to crank up the volume on your favorite action movie without worrying about loud explosions or helicopter noises waking up the house. Thanks to your newly soundproofed basement, you can even watch your favorite musical and sing along at full blast, guilt free.

During the remodel, you can also come up with great lighting ideas to emulate your favorite theater. Track lighting and recessed lights in the ceiling can really add to the authentic cinema feel. You can event add accents like a soda fountain and popcorn or cotton-candy machines. Have fun with your basement remodel!

Make sure to know what equipment (projector, screen, surround sound) you’ll be installing for your home theater before the process begins. This will give you the chance to hide hanging wire behind drywall and give your home theater a seamless aesthetic.

Do you ever go to the theater and get stuck occupying the worst seat in the house? Kiss those days goodbye with your new home theater. Never again will you suffer the tyranny of sitting five feet away from a 30-foot screen. You’ll be in charge of theater seating and can implement whatever style of comfortable chairs, couches, or benches you desire.

At Centennial Construction, we want to help make your house a home. From basement refinishing to kitchen remodeling, we can handle any project you may want to tackle. Contact us today at 317-848-7634 and we’ll more than happy to help you get started on your home’s next transformation.

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