Planning to finally finish your basement? There’s nothing like the blank slate of an unfinished basement to get you thinking about the possibilities. Now is the time to explore what you really want in the finished space. From big layout changes to small design touches, Centennial Construction and Remodeling Services, Inc. can provide expert technicians to get the job done well. Contact us online or call (317) 848-7634 for answers to all your questions. 

Refinished Basement Bedroom 

Plan Your Purpose

What are the main purposes for refinishing your basement? Here are some of the most common:

  • Game/entertainment room
  • Guest room
  • Office space
  • Workout space

The desired use of your space will determine choices in lighting, headspace, and flow. 

Make Your Wish List

What have you always wanted to add to your home, but never had the opportunity? With an unfinished basement, you get to decide what the finished product looks like! Consider some of these ideas that are best implemented before drywall:

  • Built-in bookshelves
  • Art niche (a framed, built-in bookshelf with lighting)
  • Audio equipment and surround sound speakers
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Utility sink
  • Kitchenette
  • Bathroom

When planning your design, the initial investment of a basement finishing project may seem costly, but the benefits of more space and added home value are well worth it in the long run. A finished basement will add valuable and usable living area — especially if you add an extra bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom to your home remodel.

Since 1993, Centennial Construction has designed spaces for many families in Indianapolis, making their homes more enjoyable, comfortable, and beautiful. Our general contractors put their extensive building experience and architectural design talents to good use creating home additions and custom basements. Each basement remodeling project results in a room with state-of-the-art technology that meets your unique needs. For a free quote, give us a call today at (317) 848-7634 or contact us online

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