Is your bonus room nothing more than a place to collect all the “leftovers” — all those toys or personal items that don’t have a permanent home? Are you trying to think of ways to make your bonus room more fun and functional? Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. of Indianapolis gives you four ideas on how to transform your bonus room.

1. Play Room

What parent of a preschooler wouldn’t love to have a space to contain the toys, a place where kids can play freely, create, and have fun? A play room is a great way to utilize a bonus room. Work with your general contractor to come up with some storage solutions that maximizes play space but still allows you the freedom to organize the chaos. You might also want to think of fun decorating ideas or special corners of the room that emphasize art, music, pretend play, and more.

2. Media Room

If you enjoy watching TV at the end of a long day or you have Friday family movie nights, then think about making your bonus room into a media space. You can install built-in shelving for all your media components, DVDs, and video games. Then, add comfortable couches and adjustable lighting to accommodate your entertainment activities.

3. Exercise Area

Bring the gym home. You can transform your bonus room into a home gym or exercise space. Consider what type of exercise you like to do. For example, if you lift weights, you may want to have your general contractor help you design a special storage area for your weights. Or, fans of Zumba may want to have a TV, DVD player, sound system, and lots of space to move and groove. Yoga enthusiasts may want to create a more calm, relaxing environment. Be sure to install appropriate flooring, ventilation, and lighting to accommodate your workout preferences.

4. Guest Suite

Do you frequently have friends or family members staying in your home? If you don’t currently have a guest space, consider turning your bonus room into a guest suite. Having a room set aside for guests can minimize host or hostess stress of preparing a room. Plus, if your guest needs some personal space while visiting, he or she can feel comfortable retreating to the guest suite.

These design ideas are just a few ways you can enjoy your bonus room. If you don’t currently have a finished bonus room but want one, contact Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. by calling 317-848-7634. We can help you transform your space from start to finish, no matter how you want to use your bonus room.

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