If you’ve got kids in your household, you want to make sure your kitchen is a family-friendly space to grab an after-school snack, prepare dinner, work on homework, craft projects or simply hang out. But how do you create a space that comfortably accommodates all of these activities, yet still leaves plenty of room to cook, clean and do all of those daily tasks it was originally intended to handle? Two words: careful planning.

Kitchen Remodeling Company in Carmel

Before you begin your kitchen renovation, seriously review how you use your current kitchen and set goals for your remodel. This way, you can stay on track as you make important decisions about floor plan, appliances, cabinetry and more. But don’t worry because Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. is here for you every step of the way from the initial consultation through construction to ensure we create a space that fits your whole family!

How can I remodel my kitchen to encourage child involvement?

  • Add a pull-out countertop to give kids a lower work space. When renovating your kitchen, install a drawer that pulls out to create a surface for your child to use to help with meal prep or dish washing.
  • When doing your kitchen remodel think about adding a family seating area. A kitchen island can be a great place for family to gather or for kids to have after school snacks.
  • Many new kitchens are now equipped with a planning center- a small nook area that can function as a desk for kids to do their homework, or a great place to make grocery lists and keep important papers.
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces: When choosing countertops during your kitchen remodel, keep in mind how easy the surface will be to clean. Quartz is durable and less likely to stain than other stones. A more budget friendly option would be laminate, which also stands up to the inevitable spills.
  • Accessible pantry: Install a walk-in pantry with low shelves. Teach kids how to help themselves to their favorite snacks to encourage more independence.

How is helping in the kitchen beneficial to my child?

  • It’s never too early to start learning about cooking and nutrition.
  • Using time in the kitchen to bond with your children is a good way to make time for them when you may not have it otherwise.
  • Children learn to be independent when they are trusted with age-appropriate tasks.
  • Introducing young kids to new ingredients encourages them to taste and broadens their pallet for the future.

Including kids in your everyday kitchen chores can be stressful, but the professional remodeling experts at Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. are here to help you create a family-friendly kitchen that will become your favorite room in the house. Contact us at (317) 848-7634 for your Indianapolis home project today!

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