Want to keep your home healthy all year round? A great way to ensure your house is at its best is to keep the gutters clear of leaves and debris in spring and fall. Not only will this simple homecare task add curb appeal to your house, it can prevent considerable Carmel roofing repair costs and headaches down the line.

The trusted Carmel roofing experts of Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services have thought up some tips to help you keep your gutters clean and your home in good health.


Here’s a quick list of some helpful tools that will make cleaning the gutters of your Carmel home a much simpler process.

  • Gloves/Goggles: You never know what can be lurking in decomposing organic matter like leaves. It’s always a good idea to protect your eyes and hands from potential attacks from insects or small critters.
  • Ladder: Unless you’re a proficient stilt walker, you’re going to need a ladder to reach the roof.
  • Bucket: Don’t just throw the grime you pull from the gutters on the ground. Grab a bucket to hold all of the filthy treasure for which you’ll be digging.
  • Scoop: A flat scoop will be your best friend when clearing out the gutters. They’re designed to adapt to the contours of the gutter and scrape away grime that you won’t be able to pick up by hand.


Never attempt serious home improvement projects without notifying the people you live with. If you were to fall off the roof and nobody knew you were up there, you could be waiting on emergency care for a very long time. Even if you’ve done it a thousand times before, let someone know before you climb on the roof to clean the gutters–it might save your life.

Now might be your last window of opportunity to get those gutters clear of debris before winter hits. An obstructed gutter can lead to damaging ice dams and costly Carmel roofing repairs when freezing temperatures start dominating our daily lives.

A simple gutter cleaning now can help prevent ice dams and save money on roofing repairs in the future. For more on how to prep your home for winter or information about what Centennial’s premium services can mean for you and your home, contact us today at 317-848-7634.

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