You expect that the sump pump in your basement will keep the water out of your home and keep your foundation dry. Depending on where you live, your pump is likely putting in a lot of work during the rainy spring months. It’s important that you have it checked regularly to ensure that it’s running well and pumping water away from your home. A failing sump pump could leave you with a flooded basement and looking for a general contractor to help restore your basement. To help keep you on top of your game, our experts at Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. have put together some of the most common signs that your sump pump is failing.

5 Signs Your Sump Pump Is Going Bad

1. Strange Noises

Strange noises from the motor are often the first thing homeowners notice when their pumps begins to fail. A rattling or grinding noise can indicate failing components and a jammed fan that pulls water into the pump.

2. Runs Constantly

A pump that never shuts off is sending a signal that it’s about to give out, and that the switch and float are not working properly. It’s likely that the pump has shifted, rendering the float mechanism useless. A constantly running pump could fail to remove water and lead to a flood. If this happens, call a general contractor for a basement restoration.

3. The Motor Gets Stuck

Sediment and other materials can get sucked up into the motor of your sump pump, leading it to fail prematurely. If you suspect that your motor is getting burned out because of dirt and other mineral build-up, consider installing a filter. Just remember: This filter also needs to be cleaned periodically. 

4. Irregular Cycling

Your float and switch could be off, causing the pump to push water out of the tank even if it’s just inches of liquid. Your pump system could also have wiring malfunctions, causing the pump to turn off and on irregularly. 

5. Vibrations

Rocks and other sediments can bend the impeller of your sump pump, leading to imbalance. With that imbalance comes excessive vibrations when the pump attempts to flush out the tank. Failure to remedy or replace the impeller can result in a completely failed system. Ask a general contractor for assistance or suggestions if your pump is vibrating with force. 

Contact the Experts

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