Have you been considering adding on a garage to your home? Are you wondering what a garage addition can mean for you and your home? Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc., a Fishers, IN garage builder, gives you five benefits to a garage addition.

1. Storage 

When you own a home, it’s easy to accumulate many things. A garage is a great place to store extra items. Plus, you need space to store your outdoor equipment (lawn mower, rakes, etc.) as well as other recreational items, like bicycles, basketballs, and the like. Be sure to talk to your garage builder about your storage needs.

2. Protect Your Vehicles

You want to keep your car or van in best possible shape. By having a garage, you can protect your vehicles from the elements. Plus, you can avoid the hassle of having to clean the snow off your cars in winter!

3. Work Space

If you like to work on home projects or maintain your own cars, then a garage addition would be a perfect work space. You can store your tools in the garage and avoid bringing your mess into the home. Plus, when you’re working on a project, it’s nice to have some space where you can focus.

4. “In-Between” Space

Enjoying the great outdoors is such fun, but you don’t want to track mud or dirt inside the home. A garage addition offers an “in-between” area for you to clean up and take off dirty shoes or clothes before you go inside. This in-between space is especially helpful during the winter months, when snow boots and snow suits need to be removed before going inside for hot chocolate.

5. Living Area

If you’re adding an attached garage, why not talk to your garage builder about the possibility of a bonus room above the garage area? The bonus room can add living space to your home. Many people choose to turn such bonus rooms into a play area, an extra bedroom, or perhaps a home office. 

Do you have more questions for a garage builder? Are you ready to start adding on to your home? For people living in the Fishers, IN area, call Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. at 317-848-7634. We are a family-friendly home improvement company and garage builder, and we are ready to help answer your questions and get you started on your garage addition.

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