Does your home have an unfinished basement? While it’s nice to have this storage space, finishing your basement could be more valuable. There are plenty of options for homeowners who desire a basement refinish, including a home theater, more bedrooms, or an additional living room. No matter what you decide, your trusted contractors at Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc., want you to consider these three things first.

3 Things to Consider Before Refinishing a Basement

1. Light Sources

Windows and doors can let a lot of natural light into your basement, but they do take time to install. If your budget doesn’t have wiggle room to cut new or larger windows, consider installing plenty of overhead lighting. For the best results, put your lights on a dimmer switch, so you’re prepared for all lighting needs. 

2. Moisture Barrier

If there’s one thing you’re going to invest in during your basement finishing, we recommend it be a moisture barrier. While the best defense of moisture in your home starts with the roof, you can protect your basement with a high-quality moisture defense. Furthermore, proper airflow and ventilation are critical in your moisture defense. You should also avoid using a dehumidifier, as this can pull moisture through your basement walls.

3. Consider Flooring 

Not all flooring materials are meant for basement living spaces. When you’re planning a basement remodel, look for flooring that’s made from vinyl, ceramic, or even carpeting that can be used on the lowest level of your home. If you go with carpet, you’ll also want to find a high-quality protective padding to lay down first for added insulation and comfort. 

Plan Your Remodel

It’s a new year, which means you need a new home improvement project! Whether you want to refinish the basement, add onto your home, update the kitchen, or spruce up the master bath, when you want a remodel done right, contact the general contractors at Centennial. We’ve been bringing visions to life for homeowners throughout Central Indiana for almost 30 years. Contact us today at (317) 848-7634.

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