Is your garage not suiting your needs anymore? Are you frustrated with storage space or looking to spruce up the place? Then it might be time to consider a garage remodeling project. A garage remodel is a great time to turn your disaster of a parking space into a functional and purposeful place in your home. But it can also be a challenging project, which is why you need an expert team on your side. Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc., has what it takes to clean up your garage and turn it into something new. Here are several ways we can do that.

3 Garage Remodeling Ideas

1. Increase Lighting

If you’re tired of not having enough lighting in your garage, consider opening up the space with added windows. More natural light flooding into your garage will make the area seem bigger and less cramped, and can even cut back your energy bills from using overhead lighting. Windows in the garage are also a great selling point for future home buyers. If your garage has a loft, adding a window or two can also prepare you for a future second-floor garage apartment. 

2. Build an Extension

If you’re living in your forever home with kids, you’re probably already thinking about them driving and where they’ll park their cars. Or maybe you have a teenage driver who wants to keep their car out of the rain, sleet, and snow. Building on an extension of your garage to create a three-car garage solves your problems. Not only do you provide your teen with a place to park, but you also add value to your home. When the kids are gone, the added space becomes room for extra storage.

3. Turn It into a Spare Room

Is your family growing, or do you need space for guests? That old detached garage behind the house is an excellent place for a small apartment or in-law quarters. You might also consider turning the space into an extra playroom for the kids. Include all their favorite games, activities, a couch for lounging, and an entertainment center for movies. You might even find yourself hanging out in there from time to time. 

Hire Expert Contractors

When you have a big remodeling project involving a garage, kitchen, or bathroom, the right team of experts can get the job done. That’s exactly what you can expect when you hire the team from Centennial Construction & Remodeling in Carmel, IN. We’ll take your vision and turn it into a reality, making the process as smooth and easy as possible. To get started with your next home renovation project, contact us today at 317) 848-7634.

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