A lot of people are afraid of basements. Don’t let it be because of bad construction. The basement is inherently a source of fear as the idea of getting trapped beneath the ground can have a harrowing effect. Consider retouching and fine tuning any imperfections prior to guest arrival. Contact the professionals at Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. to restore any damage that might be done to your Indianapolis home. Call (317) 848-7634 today!

Though there is no actual name given to the fear of basements, there are a few phobias that are linked to it. Below is a list of common fears associated with basements. 

Basement Fears


Achluophobia is the fear of darkness and is commonly associated with basements as some do not have any natural light. 


Bathophobia is the condition that causes someone to have an extreme fear of falling or being consumed. Many people who suffer from bathophobia are often fearful of stairs, dark hallways, and of course, basements.  


Not to be confused with claustrophobia, cleithrophobia is the fear of being locked in an enclosed space. This phobia is the root of many winter-related fears, like getting stuck under snow or ice. 

Herpetophobia and Entomophobia 

If you are irrationally afraid of reptiles or insects, you may have herpetophobia or entomophobia. Due to their smaller, oddly shaped bodies and agility, many jump at the sight of lizards and bugs because of their unpredictability. Many insects like flies and mosquitoes are also known to spread diseases. 


This fear is often triggered by a traumatic event at a younger age and causes people to have an overpowering panic when in a dark or gloomy place. Like sciophobia, sufferers tend to fear shadows and corners.

Making your basement a place of comfort can take a lot of work. Put all of your fears to rest, and hire the construction specialist of Indianapolis, Centennial Construction & Remodeling Services, Inc. For all your basement remodeling needs, contact us online, or call (317) 848-7634. 


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